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My main areas of expertise are numerical software development and data visualisation. I am currently working for DataJoy, an online environment for Python and R.

My email address is bjg@network-theory.co.uk.

Location: Surrey, England.

Office telephone 01483 338 264 (or +44 1483 338 264 outside the UK).

(Useful info: my surname is pronounced 'goff').

Publishing and Books

I published a number of free software manuals through my company Network Theory Ltd.

I am an author of the following books:

GNU Scientific Library

From 2001-2012 I was the maintainer of the GNU Scientific Library:

The GNU Scientific Library is a general-purpose numerical library written in C. It is included in most commercial GNU/Linux distributions and has been widely used in scientific research (it was adopted as a standard numerical library at CERN).

My digital signature keys (for verifying software releases): original GPG key (64069D5C) and new GPG key (80821FEA)


Previously, I worked in the theoretical physics groups at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA). My research involved large-scale numerical simulations for high-energy physics.

Historical interest

My PhD thesis,

Scientific papers,

A tutorial article on Mixed-Radix Fast Fourier Transforms (FFTs) that I wrote while working on the FFT routines for the GNU Scientific Library,

An article I wrote for Computers in Physics back in 1996,